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  • Nothing personal meant, ace. I don't agree with her on many things. Just because she's an instructor or your friend or a woman or whatever doesn't give her a pass on criticism. I see that as a common denominator with instructors...they just cannot handle critique. Well, you have your opinions...I have mine. Life goes on. Low500
    thanks for the rep. as with any league, how your lo runs it has a lot to do with your overall experience and opinion of the league itself.
    our lo does not require you to play on a team to play in masters. we have several master players that have never played on a regular apa team.
    Hey Rufus....thanks for the kind words. although i didnt play the Chicago Qualifier. i plan on playing in the one at Breakers, NJ and at Amsterdam, NYC

    I also plan on attending the worlds primer tourney that is being held at Amsterdam the day before the worlds start. I am thinking that there is gonna be alot of players in town looking for a primer tourney !!!
    Thanks for the positive feedback. Everytime I post those APA people come out of the woodwork. But that can be expected. They better be afraid of what we are doing. ...Sam
    You welcome, but unfortunately in pleasing one (well two, including myself) I have apparently made the pool demons very angry...
    I've had to put my tail between my legs and run!
    Thank you for the rep and kind words - it is refreshing to see friendly faces (well...keyboards :D)
    Rufus...Nope. Everybody's $$$ was already spent for this year. I believe it will happen for 2011, from what Ivan Lee told me.

    I am affiliated with the BEF. They sent me a draft copy of Earl Munsons organizational guide.
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