What music do you prefer for shooting pool?


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Jazz and old school soul.

My all time favorite is Miles Davis, the Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel or *****es Brew.



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Grew up listening to Hotel California while playing pool. Still brings back memories of my old pool hall when it plays and I'm shooting.

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50s 60s 70s 80s just about any type .
I usually don't notice the music unless I am getting my brains.beat out or as another poster mentioned , just filthy words put together for shock value.
Great music seems to never age ,I listened to Bobby Hatfield singing Ebb Tide the other night, (the one on you tube is not Bobby , hes 'doing a tribute)
If you search enough you can find the real version, it is pretty amazing for 50 years ago


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lol i listen to a lot of music on my mp3 phillips vibe when i play pool, have been since i really got into playing. ive noticed if i kinda wanna smash balls in i listen to music that is faster tempo, and then when i really wanna practice i listen to stuff that is slower. i throw out 15 balls on the table and just listen to music for hours, my runs have steadily increased and have become more consistent. after that i do my drills and listen to music as well. i think music is really crucial for staying interested, but at the same time the music influences how fast or slow i play the game. i think this can become a problem, because i will come off the practice table and the music is not there so i want to play at a different pace. so ive become more careful with how i practice, but its a great release for stress, music and pool.

i listen to classic rock, 90s rock, hip hop, and country- that about covers it. ive been listening a lot to this song lately though lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srbrdZ_EhWo


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No Music.
There was a time --- better yet, in the movie The Hustler when they got to Kentucky for the derby and were checking in to the hotel Eddie ran into a old friend
(Billy) Just out side of the hotel Billiard room. Eddie says " sounds like real sweet music"
Eddie describing the sounds coming from the Billiard Room.
Ok that ship has sailed.
The sound of the game.
Pocketed balls, Chatter, $ exchanging hands all this had a rhythm and sound which is part of the game.

Today, I will have to go with some Blues, Motown,Classic Rock as low as possible background music.
High runs for all in 2014.


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I love almost all types of music. As long as it's up beat, and not some depressing whiney music, I'm a happy camper!

Bob Jewett

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Around here some pool halls (and pubs) have MyTouchTunes juke boxes. Here are my playlists. If you visit the links, you can get 30 seconds of play for each song. The last one is a scratch pad -- notice the Bach toccata and fugue next to the Corn Shucking Jig by the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

On the main lists you'll find Elvis, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, the Stones, Metalica, Werewolves of London ;), Santana, Blues Traveler, David Sanborn, CCR (local band), and that M&Ms guy for a little light rap.

I made the lists partly as a defensive move against a few people whose favorite group is Angry Young White Men Screaming Incoherently. Perhaps you've heard their songs. While I do inflict Dylan, Sanborn, and Toby Keith on those young people, I have not yet given them Bach or the Corn Shucking Jig.



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I love all music from heavy metal, to country, 80's hair bands my favorite. But when it comes time to hit the table only smooth jazz will do. Live360.com out of the UK has some great stations for free and their smooth-soft jazz is some of the best.