What pool related present did you get?


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Long story I won't bore you with but I traded for a Brunswick By George 1x2 case and an original 314 shaft in 5/16x14.


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My wife, bless her heart, got me a set of Hammacher Schlemmer pool balls that "flash internal blinky lights" every time they are hit. (They are horribly unbalanced and wobble and roll almost as badly as joke balls.) I would rather she had spent the money on Brunswick Centennials or made a contribution to my next pool cue fund ...

But: then I consider that she is trying to support my interests, that my kids think they are cool, and we had fun fooling around at he table. Quality time with my family - and a wife who is trying - are sooooo much better than the alternatives.

When I am old and gasping my last breaths, I will treasure this gift more than a new set of Centennials.

All things considered, it was a very good Christmas for me.

Merry Christmas!


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I got Running The Table, a book about Kid Delicious, a pool stein that I will drink EVERYTHING out of, a couple of scuffers and a 1x1 hard case. To top it all off, I got a high end Meucci from my girlfriends brother. I was totally blown away!! It was a good Christmas for me as far as pool related gear goes.


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The whole day off, 1st Christmas I closed all day in 15 yrs in business.

Priceless !



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Got a set of ebony and ivory ringed JP's for my JW.
Not a perfect match ,but I think they look good anyway.


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I got a Cuetec Meteor break cue, some chalk, a moosehead bridge, and a bag of hand chalk because Kelly Fisher took mine. ;)


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Danktrees said:
its not here yet as some work is being done on it...but it's paid for as a christmas present so i will be getting a searing.

Thats one hell of a gift. Are you getting it directly from Dennis?


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My wife got me these for the Christmas tree!


Considering she's not a big fan of pool I was really surprised she got them!


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My fiance is fed up with my pool obsession. So this year she got my nothing pool related. It was all rottweiler related though so it was awesome. I had a good christmas. but no pool stuff.

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Got me a custom ringed Tiger X Shaft and a measle ball....very nice Christmas Indeed....even if the shaft was a gift to myself ;)