World Pool Masters (22-25 May2021) Winner $25K


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Yeah, if Kazakis plays like last match, it could be a white wash. Although if Shane plays like this match, and Kazakis plays a little better than last match, it could still be interesting.



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Match winning safe by Shane



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Hooray for Shane. I think he's beat Kazakis the last 500,000,000 times in a row, so he should prevail, but I guess you never know. Alex will have to execute at a much higher level than he did against Kaci to earn the title.


I think it's strange how much conversation players are allowed to have with people outside of the match. Like Filler constantly talks to his wife during the match to calm him down, talk strategy, etc. I don't think that should be allowed. It's supposed to be you vs. your opponent, not you, your wife, your coach, your mom, etc. against your opponent. Otherwise Kazakis should bring a mental coach with him to every tournament to sit behind him and guide him through matches.