wow what can i say


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That's some BIG-ASS joint pins right there!!!

Maniac (why is the name Popeil popping up in my head right now?)


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Damn.. I was hoping to buy a Tascarella, but this cue is cheaper and is better than all custom cue makers! Hard decision.


Broken Lock
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I, along with the APA and all the cue makers, am afraid of it. :)

John, i'll play you one pocket even for what ever you want as soon as mine gets here!

I'm also having a custom made one that uses 12ga shotgun shells for breaking. Kinda like the driver from Caddy Shack II. LOL!!!!! Then look out 10ball world!
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Bishop Cues
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As a cuemaker I am scared of the screw on tip! I wonder if it has the option of a layered tip in the screw on type tip?


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They were putting .22 blanks in golf club heads to launch balls with. Of course someone bored one out to a .44 magnum. It's only a matter of time before some idiot connects the two and tries to make a break cue with it. You could do it with the pneumatic cylinder from one of those RWS air rifles. There is no limit to what people will do to avoid practice.


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its funny i look the creator of these cues watched some youtube about him. and he comment sections have been blocked and his page has a testimonial page but its a 404 link. it makes you think something is fishy about the guy and his "invention". something is wrong with this picture. just wrong