WTH happened to the TV coverage of WCOP on Versus?


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Last Sunday, as I was updating my favorite shows on my DVR, I saw the World Cup Of Pool TV coverage on Versus channel. There will be a 1 hour coverage today, Wednesday at 3 pm Pacific. I had it recorded just in case I might miss it, but lo and behold! The show that I prerecorded was "Whacked Out"! WTF?!?

What happened? Anybody knows what just happened to the sport we all love?



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On my friends U-Verse guide it shows The Galveston World Classic is on Versus at 5:00 p.m. CST today while on my Dish Network guide it shows that Whacked Out Sports is on. WTF??????

I'd be willing to bet that billiards loses out on this one :(!!!



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From Directv.com

Versus on DIRECTV
Unfortunately, Versus is no longer available on DIRECTV. Comcast, the largest cable company in the U.S. and our largest competitor, owns the channel and has forced us to pull it down. Here is the situation.

DIRECTV was already paying Comcast more than any other non-Comcast distributor to air Versus — and now Comcast is demanding an overall rate hike of 20% on top of that. Comcast also forces DIRECTV to make Versus available to a much larger portion of our customer base at our own expense than they require from other TV providers — most notably, DISH Network. We simply cannot accept these unfair and outrageous terms. All we're asking from Comcast is equal treatment.

Comcast and Versus are currently engaged in a noisy publicity campaign to distract attention from the fact that they are trying to take advantage of DIRECTV and our customers. The bottom line is this, if we were to accept their unreasonable demands, we would have no choice but to pass on the increase in cost to our valued customers. We do not want this to happen, especially in these difficult economic times. That's why we're standing firm in our negotiations with Comcast.

Regardless, we will continue to work in good faith with Comcast to try to reach a fair and just settlement. Our commitment to deliver the best TV service for the best price is and has always been our first priority. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

DIRECTV still leads the industry in sports programming, whether or not we have Versus in our channel lineup. For college football, NHL hockey and other sports, here's just a brief list of what's available on DIRECTV:


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I recorded it. It was a little disappointing. They show one game. Then recap by showing all of the shots before going to a commercial. Come back and jump a few games ahead. Recap all of the shots in that game again before going to a commercial. This keeps repeating. The production is really bad. That loud sounding shot clock is also enough to rattle anyone.

Don't feel bad if you miss it.