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  • I guess I got blocked from the "Lucky Billiards" thread. Kinda weird. The only thread I can no longer enter. This guy can basically try and put a pool room out of business, but I'm the one that is blocked....??
    it was great to see you, the whole RIV thing got messed up, I was in terrible pain the day we met, 3 days later I was ok then I got hit with a pile of biz stuff that I couldnt push foward to this week, I worked until Sunday nite, Took yesterday off. I might go sweat Daz/Chris later today. Kelly says hello too.


    Thanks for the vote of confidence. But I am just glad to be considered in the same thread as some of those on the list.

    Methinks you think I am capable of more than I am.

    But I appreciate the vote of faith.

    See you in May

    Mark G
    please read my 2 posts in your thread "Some people dont get it", I'm not being mean or disrespectful, I just explained how the scammers(IMO in this case-I could be wrong) operate.
    i put this in a thread but you mught miss it:

    The games were real fast when I played Sylver at your B-Day party,

    I owe you a appology too, I suck so bad at holidays I awalys forget to do the right thing. Next year If I havent sold the house your invited for your B-day and I'll have a cake and a proper celebration. I was real tired that night and wasnt thinking. Next year i'll have the chef come over cook dinner, bar, we can invite the AZ family over. And do it up real good. please let me know

    luv Eric & Kelly
    hi, i noticed from your blog that we have crossed paths, i play at pockets and texas billiards a couple nights a week, surprised i havent seen you around
    i remember about 1975 when married we had 3 kitty's. i built an indoor treehouse. all carpet around a structure that they would run up and down and have so much fun. it was quite a show to watch. now they have all that stuff for sale and quite expensive too. i shoulda seen that coming and started my own biz ! geez. say hi to miss q.
    Zilla, that's my cat, Miss Q. A darling little female cat who I picked up as a kitten at an animal shelter back in 1992 or 1993.
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