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  • Yep from Iraq to Alaska in about 9 days, Its going to be a slap in the FACE ! but i adjust to weather very fast. And thank you for the comment !!!!
    Hi Brent, I just wanted to add you so I can keep up with your posts. One of these days I'm going to see about buying a butterfly cue from you and it seems every cue you post is another amazing piece of work. I recently bought a model 20 Brunswick conversion you made but I haven't had a chance to shoot with it. I'm sure it plays as good as it looks. Thanks for showing off your work and someday I'll get in touch with you about building me one. Take care, Michael.
    Hi Brent The cue you made Blow is beautiful. He brought up the subject that someday he would like j/ps. Wheather you make them or I or who ever it would be nice to mave some of the same wood available , and horn, so they would match the cue. If possible to put a small amount of this away would be nice. If he contacts me , I'll buy the correct stuff to compliment the cue from you. Thanks jim
    Happy Birthday!! I was permantly banned from JUMBOS AHOLES for having the same ip address as Monkey and Blacktooth.We all use the same comp. at work because we work together here in Balt. at a trucking co.But Jimbo is too stupid to ask me about it,he'd rather get rid of me.what he need to do is lose 200lbs,by shitting Eric Crisp outta his ass!!All those nuthuggers can go piss up a rope,you were the coolest on there though,so I guess I'll catch you on here,just cant put all those nice avitars I was gonna shoe ya,they'd probally ban me from here too.Cant believe JUMBO had us banned,if he knew the truth about all those scumbags he protects on there...nowonder nobody has 2 much respect for him,and his weak ass site will be incredibly boring to say the least.Once again,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Ask Jimbo for a birthday wish and bring us back,or I guess his little site will drown for sure!! Cya!!
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