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  • Hi, I'm moving to Oxford Ct in a few weeks and want to find a league to join that plays on 9 footers. In Southbury,Shooters and Yale Billiards in Wallingford are each about 45 mins from me. Im a senior and in a BCA league in Worcester MA I'm a 5. Thanks, Mitch
    i was suprised they didnt contact me, but its all sorted out, thanks for the message, i sincerly appericate it.


    Yes. you are right, we should have checked his stats - I know Kevin and based on his skill level he should be able to play but according to the toury rules he became ineligible - To let him play will open the door to other players that will try to sneak in - Unfortunately Kevin became an example of the integrity of rule enforcement in our events
    ur the victor - pm me your email and i'll paypal the spoils... bumpy ending for them both. Congrats and nice action with you.

    Brian kc
    Hi Bora, this is Dave from CT. Just looking at your profile, and noticed you have a GK and a Southwest, as I have the same. Actually, I am a friend of Gregs, as we shoot together out of the same pool room. He is a great guy, and makes some fantastic cues. I have had several of them, and currently own the wrapless one with the bloodwood and malachite floating points featured on his website cue gallery. You from Ct, or pick one of his cues up at a trade show?
    im out making friends today on AZ, it makes me happy to have a lot of friends
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