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  • Happy Birthday to one of the nicest lady pros in the world. You're an asset to pool and to this forum. I hope today brings you much joy!

    That front desk job you had in Northeastern Nevada, wouldn't of been at that little casino/hotel you worked at when you lived in Elko for that short time, would it?
    I am a cajun boy so we do hunt & fish...kinda the old throw back about the man being a good i agree about the sport thing..people need to eat what they harvest.
    It brightens up my day when I look on the corner of my page at the "recent visitors" and I see Melissa Wifey Herndon :)
    Sorry, usually its bros before hoes, but you my wifey, so im ready to end my friendship with eric, LOL.
    actually i forgot about the Sawnee, I have a tattoo appointment thursday nite.
    im so out of stroke right now, i havent played much the past 3 weeks. I will see you there at HB.
    are you back in LA yet, I am going to be in LA a couple times in Feb. I will be there this thurday but I'm so out of stroke its embarassing, I was laughing out loud it was so funny. I felt like I was trying to pocket balls on a billiard table.

    take care,

    eric :)
    Didnt get to say goodnight last night, thanks for the wonderful evening!

    Ill let everyones mind wander, lol.
    Melissa, I got your present in the mail. Ill try on this G-string and get some pics back to you in a few weeks. I wanna lose about 10 more lbs before I show it off for everyone.
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