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  • Thanks Neil. It is always great to hear from you. Wishing you and yours only the best this holiday season.
    Thanks for the green. He shot quite well and I think he beat me 9 - 3at the 1979 Rocky Mountain Open held in Colorado Springs.
    i might be at the Derby, I really am not in the mood to go, but I mostlikely will, I will do that event every year they let me, i do it for the players i like to support pool much as i can, its better to give than take,

    Hey man Got my PC running but you PMs are full. Anyway. please give me a call tomorrow sometime and wecan trade shipping info. I actually have a few question about getting shafts made and possible the wrap changed.
    Hey buddy sorry for not responding yesterday. My pc is giving me lots of trouble so Im stick using my I touch. It doesn't let me respond to mags for some reason. So I had to make a new MSG. I have no problem with money order just kinda skeptical as I see you have no trader feedback just as I don't. Would you mind using the escrow service think he charges $20 you send cue to him he inspecs it and holds my mo and let's me know cue is as descibed and then mails both out to us. Let me know thanks rob. Feel free to call me tomorrow if you want to 845-664-4316
    What's Up Neil, it's Scott from Michigan, ya know the big-headed, bald Navy dude. Anyway, trying with all my might to get back down to Jax. I got married down there this summer, at a rental house in Ponte Vedre Beach. Sweet win on the Seminole Tour, I knew it was only a matter of time.
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