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  • Happy Birthday, Troy! Hope it's a good one!

    glad it was funny. They have no shortage of thibodeauxs in maine also, but the jokes dey don't work so good on dem.
    I had a front desk job once at a hotel in northeastern Nevada. Once a year, they had a buck hunting contest...and it was my job to go out and count points, measure antlers and take photos. No offense...but it was the worst job ever. I'm too much of an animal lover to be OK with hunting. Although I have to say...I'm glad you ate what you killed. Sport-hunting is icky.
    Troy, wish you all the best in the up coming year, may all the rolls go your way and never miss a ball!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Thank you thank you honey! :) :) P.S. I totally liked it when you called me "BOO".. LOL! Awesome!
    got your email, i was on the road when you sent it on a vacation of sorts after the Derby,

    hope your good, I will read it and get intouch with you.

    take care and keep it real,

    eric :)
    Ask Tiger about the girls, how much is this going to cost him, they pulled all his prime time ads, wow thats alot of $$$. He dogged it real bad. The guy who wrote that book is smart, I figured you would like it and remind you of what you know. It did me. i'm going to start the gym next week, I havent been in the gym in 4 years. I hope muscle memory is for real.

    Hows the book? I hope you can relate to it, infact I know you can, see you at the Derby
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