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  • Hi can you help me Id year model of my schon ltd had it since I was 12 when I played with Charlie Williams we grew up together in Virginia back in back in bca days
    Jim. Wanted to let you know somehow someone got my paypal password. Luckily I was able to catch it and have PP freeze the funds. Just wanted you to know in case " I " have contacted you asking or offering money for something. It was not me! lol..
    Hey Jim sorry I missed your msgs and yes it is. 3/8. X 10 Thbanks again friend
    Do not appreciate the red rep. I have two reds and two greens so apparentley this is a matter that is not as clear as some people make it out.
    I just got a Starkey cue with a wooden pin. the size of the pin is 1/2-8. I can measure how long it is. about an inch.
    can you make joint protectors that size?
    Kevin Lyons
    Would like to have you make a nice set of Joint protectors for my Scruggs cue, wondering what they might cost me. I can send some photos of the cue and will trust your creativity as to the design. I cant figure out how to attch photos to this so if you can send me an email to camos@wmich.edu
    Hi Jim
    Im interested in the black 4x8 butterfly case 80$. Is paypal ok?
    Marvin Swanson
    Hello Jim I finally got a day off and got to go shoot some with my new cue. Boy you weren't lying when you told me that the best was yet to come. The cue plays phenomenal moves whitey around the table with ease. I wanted to say thank you again for building such a sound cue its just amazing. Bobby
    you wouldnt happen to have a 3/8-10 thread protector bacote with blck phenolic and a silver ring? i need a set like that ahow much?or will you make me a set? thanks for response jeremy in wv
    Jim it's Randy in Michigan I had you make 4 thread protector sets from you and very interested in that fully cored cue. Call me ASAP
    I want Joint Protectors for my McDermott M7Q3, with McDermott Quick Release joint... Do you have it?
    how much is for one set with customized JP??
    Hey Jim I just posted my brown phenolic for sale in the cumakers supplies section, let me know which phenolic you want, and also what shafts do you want, first turns, dowels or final turned.

    Thank you
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