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  • Hey Jim!
    I lost your address. Can you pm me your address so I can pick up the bird eye/redwood cue tomorrow afternoon.
    Looking forward to get the cue, Thanks!
    Hi Jim, How are things with you? My daughter is doing much better!! Things are looking up!! Nancy
    Jim, do you have any more of the 110.00 4x8 cases available. i got mine last week- it's very nice, now i have friiend who would like one.
    It was nice to here from you yesterday!! Tell Tim I'll be mailing out the FingerSlides to you on Wednesday. Take Care!
    Hi jim,
    The cue has SS pin alright. But i was talking about SS joint. Looking at the pictures they seem to have a wood-wood joint. i live in Charlotte NC.
    I agree...Miss your PMs. My daughter is doing good. Cancer was caught in time and hasn't spread. She has 3 of 5 chemo treatments left. She is handling it well and has lots of support. I'm so sorry about all the sorrows in your past...When you told me I didn't know what to say. You take care!!!
    Hi Jim,
    I was looking at a sneaky pete with SS joint with very good build quality. Is it possible to have the sneaky petes that you have listed converted to SS joint? 13mm tip, 18.5 Oz and 58" everything else std. Please mention the offer price also. Thanks. Satish
    Thanks Jim. I am currently out of town as well for the next couple weeks. I'll update some photos when I get back
    hey jim its tanner nickels. got the protectors back look and fit great also.

    thx great work
    Jim, are you going to be at the billiards swap meet at Harveys in Renton this sun? I have many cues that I am thinking about selling.
    How are you today this is Christheguythat wanted the j/p's for the Zinzola...... I have pics of it now How do i get them to you?

    this is my e-mail if you wanna e-mail me i will send ya the pics

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