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  • I can't figure this. Site out- I guess you sent mr something and I can't find it Ora don't know how to get it- GOD I HATE THIS. SITE
    I had you make me some Jp's about 8 years ago and i'm glad to see you are still at it. i was wondering if there was a way if you could give me a call or message me about getting some made for my new stick. 254-214-9710 Jay
    I would like joint protectors to match the colors of the wood and the highlight colors of the 3 cues. can I have your email address so I can send you the pictures of the cues? I have 3 meucci cues that i would like to get j/p's for.
    please advise.
    jim this is kevin from tacoma i really would like to stop by and check out your shop im free tonight after 6pm
    Brought a cue from an azer several months ago, he said that you made it, without a picture does this sound familar. A Brunswick conversion, with an ebony bottom, double brass rings in all positions, and radial pin. Thanks in advance !!
    Hi Jim,

    A bunch of people on AZ Billiards speak extremely highly of you and of the joint protectors you make. So I'm wondering, what do you charge for a set of joint protectors? Is there a price range (from $___ to $___)? How does pricing work?

    Hi Jim, Thanks again for those fantastic looking JPs. Malachite and ebony with silver accent look great. I'm having trouble sending a iTrader. It says, too short when I have over 50 but less than 80 characters. I’ll try it again later.
    Constant lurker on the forum. Just wanted to say always a fan of your cues, JPs, and especially what you do with those "barn find" sneakies. Keep up the good work!
    Hi Jim I received your cue and case. Haven't try it yet,but I'm guessing everything is good with the cue and its playability of the cue. Thanks for everything
    hey was gonna let you know your inbox is full, just tried to send you a pm about that thing we talked about
    Hi Jim,
    When replying to pm about my Jps, I meant to say, good luck in Mexico.
    And bring back bocote, hahaha.
    Hey Azer's... Jim and I've been friends for a while now..Spend many time talking story while he was Truckin'....:smile:
    I'd like to say....
    Jim and Christy's JPs are a great, for the price and, is a good value.... And, there nice...
    I don't post my compliments on his Az CUE GALLERY Post,
    because it might seem like holding my Cue Cap sign in front his JP Store..So, I don't...

    Jim, you can post on mine..... I don't mind they inquire with you..
    Thanks all, :smile:
    Alton - Cue Caps
    Hey Jim I heard you were the man to talk to about some Joint protectors for my schon R6. If so I would Ike to order a set. You can reach me at 908.249.2027 or riverajr.sam@gmail.com thanks and hope to talk to you soon.
    I am interested in some joint protectors. Could you please email me at sopranopa@yahoo.com or call me at 814-366-3279. Thank you for your time. Edward McQuillen
    Hi can you tell me if you shipped the Player cue or not. Thanks have a great day.
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