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  • You are one super lucky person! You also seem to be a super intelligent and funny person! I enjoy all your posts, and I am jealous of your ability to draw good will from everyone! lol
    Brian....a friend has promised to bring me the pointers on saturday.
    Lots of after-market pieces out there but a GC has certain plastic pointers that seem hard to get but I think you'll appreciate them.Will let you know asap.

    ive posted pics about two weeks ago... do you know if there is any way i can find them on az again without going through every thread? im not the best with computers lol and i dont have a digital cam. my friend took the pics for me but they are great.
    KC, if you have problems reaching my friend Box, who is interested in your case, please call me, chuck at 562-897-2495.... Thanks.... Chuck
    KC.....lent my laptop to a friend and I don't like over-using the work computer.
    will post on the bridge thread next couple's an interesting subject and certainly
    worth discussing.
    greenies to you for the hager extension thread, but i need to spread them out first!
    KC...forgot my cell phone today...not for the first time.:(
    if you were going to call, try tomorrow
    are you comming to Vegas in May? or the Derby, I'd like to meet you

    best Eric aka fatboy
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