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  • Happy Birthday to you! You always seem to bring a smile to my face on this forum. Thank you for the chuckles throughout the year. I hope this day brings you happiness.
    The black white supremacist skit is great too!!!!!! i think the show was so great because it made people take a step back and really laugh at how silly racism is
    Thanks! Yes, Jay is a lotta fun to be with and chockful of stories too. Your birthday is 2 days earlier than mine so let's exchange virtual toasts :eek:) Take care. I like your slogan by the way ... Lazin' on AZB
    I am late in responding to your kind message on my profile. You're always so thoughtful, witty, and funny, all at the same time. You're definitely an asset to this forum. Bless you and yours. Thank you.
    i sent mike a pm again about the rep situation, keeping my fingers crossed,

    i will see Jerry Fyrthsith in the next month and I'm sure he will help us out, i have another thing going on with him, if your at the us open next year i'll introduce him to you, he is a man of few words but he is triple smart and awalys pleasant to chat with, i really like/respect him. He does alot for pool like Jay Helfert but dosent get as much credit that Jay does, Jerry is a behind the scenes guy, i'm more like Jay-out spoken.

    i'll get the REP thing

    going some way some how.

    take care

    fatboy MR. 2.147B my ass!!!!! we would all have 20 billion by now, how fun would that be???
    Mister, you are soooo falling behind?!? I am waiting patiently for you to come up with crazy story line about it... Where are you?
    Glad you enjoyed the book! :) I hope it was sufficient repayment for your hilarious picture rhymes... ;)
    yeah this is bullshit, they need to zero all the REP and start a new set. I'm going to send the powers from above a email and call one of them to get things moving again. Spread the word to others who are maxed out-they feel like we do, Big J will be up to for a long time, I figure him to go up very soon. i'm repping everyone who hasnt maxed but is close-the more maxed out players the better chance of a second set IMO.
    Brad just knocked me down, in 2 months we will be on the second page-this sucks.
    For the Game I really like Brad, but he too will get pushed down soon as the next person max's out
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<READ THE POST BELOW THIS POST FIRST>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I dont like being in 1st place, shit I been in #2 so long It home to me, and a swear on my mom's grave that was awalys my goal, I never wanted to knock smorg down,

    Gettting a message daily from friends if cheap fun, its a pain in the ass to REP every day but I somehow manage to get to it, <---when I'm travelling

    I have met 3 or 4 real good friends just because for REP

    See if you can talk to Mike to Wilson about having my guys fix it, I will talk to jerry forsyth they are all 3 GREAT guys. I dont think they understand the problem, you be the leaizon and I will get the program fixed, also I dont need the data thats their, when I send them the new program they can populate it so all of up top will be tied, that will be fun, dontcha think????



    i never did get a reply from my offer to fix the code, i talk to one of my programmers and its an easy fix, i need very little from Mike's tech guy and we could make an update, push smorg to infinity and keep the points racking up for us guys who like to play the rep game.

    your right as more people max out, less action, I went 24 hours with no rep last week and again a couple days ago-first time in over 2 years that happened.
    2147483647 point(s) total, i just cut and pasted my point total here, this blows-REP cant beover WTF??!? hope your good
    I hit one point short of hex 16 for 80,000,000. I stuck at 2147483647. Maybe your dead end hit a point higher?

    So what's next you ask? I just don't think there's any greater feat in life than this. ;) I can only hope the rep royalty checks roll in forever so I can just play pool. :)
    i just hit 2,147M with your REP. now what? is it game over? Why did it put me in #1 spot now? I want answeres damnit!!!! I know you dont know, i'm just jokeing around,

    i think you won the race, i think they put Smorg up there and after you hit it he started going down, now that i hit it, i will start to go down, so i finished 2nd to you, which is totally cool since i was #2 forever.

    it will be interesting to see what happens....

    eric :)
    Sorry no photo of Gore. I have put him on my ignore list.
    I do have a picture of Grant in my wallet, and Have 5 years of Reagan calendars, and return address stickers from the Reagan Ranch.

    I didn't think the democrats could find anyone more arrogant than Gore, but, sadly they have.
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