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  • Hey Matt,
    I'm glad you're working ! Travelling is OK...if (you take your cues!). I need you to give me the "real" scoop on your match with Archer recently in GA. Hope to see ya' soon. Hit'm Str8t !
    When R U going to hit balls with me at Jake's? They have an open handicap tournament every Sunday at 6pm ($7 dbl.elim). Regards, Wayne
    7-14-12 OFFER IS STILL OPEN ! ......invite to Jake's to hit balls with me. Call me at: 337-3635 (CELL). Regards,
    Matt, thanks for thinking of me! I envy you (and those that went with you to the Open)! Sorry Earl didn't get to the final 4 as that probably would have put him over the top and a spot on the Mosconi team. Appleton isn't my favorite character, but he SURE can play 9-ball ! Jake's is my main stay and they should have the other (larger) side completely finished by the end of next week. I'll give you an invite to come then. (I haven't gotten any worse at the game and just might give you some competition)! Say "Hey" to all at Breaker's! Regards.
    Happy Birthday to one of AzBilliards' finest. :smile:

    Hope you and yours enjoy today to the fullest. :cool:


    "Penguins" are nuns.

    I just post in fits and starts now myself. Focusing on poker although I'm fixing to go try out the diamonds with the new rails soon.

    Hope things are great your way!

    your insight is correct, i hope things will be resolved, i'm sure they will. your a good friend, thanks.

    Thanks man, yeah after awhile I was just gettin frustrated repeating myself. Im not even commenting on the thread anymore. its jsut ridiculous that some people don't actaully read and comprehend WHAT they are reading before commenting. Thanks again for actually being one of the few people that TRULY understand. All the best man
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