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  • Wednesday September2

    There's an article about me in today's Lowell Sun. I just thought I'd let you know. It paints a good picture of me and my pool career. I'm not bragging, I just thought you might want to know a little more about your AZ friend.

    Thanks for recognizing my post back on July 31. I never go into the User CP. I stumbled on it today and wanted to say thanks. Hope the advice helped.
    really, wow...well at least I'm not alone on that, Untill I switched to the triangle about 3 years ago, that reinforced elk master was all I played with, but it played dam good tho and held up very well
    Are you still looking for a J&J jump break cue?i have one with linen wrap that i just bought last week.I hit about 30 racks with it.So it means it is still in good condition.I'll let it go for $40+shipping.Give me your email address and i'll send you the picture.
    i know i said that before but, i have too now. he misses me and cant travel. he isnt doing so good and i might be moving to europe or something here soon, i will call you or call me
    i havent played kirk, ever. not once. we might have banged the balls once but i doubt that. I played dave rodden even 18 months ago-before he got in his wreck, i was in bad shape then too, i'm kinda interested in how i would do up that way these days, i am comming up to see my uncle
    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to poolplayer2093 again.
    Heya.. no worries. I actually went back to Cali billiards to cheer on my boys. The tournament didn't even end till after 1am! I'm exhausted. But I've got enough energy to go get in 2 hours of practice time. =o] Are you going over there this sunday?
    Tom's the man to talk to about Hard Times tourneys- he knows all the scoop. I was there last night and there were flyers for two tourneys coming up pretty soon... I didn't take them, though, because I'm almost always there and didn't figure I'd forget... You ought to play a line tourney one Tues or Thurs if you can, though. Anything going on your way?
    Hey Sam,
    I'm down to play some at Crown today. I'll probably head over there around 1-2 and be there awhile. ~Rex
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