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    CSI Junior Program

    I know there was already a thread about this but I would like to start another with more details. Many people know that promoting the game of pool is something that is very important to me. Helping the junior players and helping our sport grow is also something that is very important to me. I...
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    Old Valley Table Question

    I am wondering if anyone can help me figure out how much a table is worth. It is a Valley Standard Model 7450. A family I know has this table in their basement and they are moving. They are going to try to sell the table but have no idea what it is worth. It is in good shape but painted. I...
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    CSI Supports Junior Players to 2010 BEF Junior National Championships

    I was supposed to get this posted last week but the Vegas craziness and then work craziness when I got home postponed things a little bit. I would like to thank Mark Griffin for the opportunity to put together a group of kids to attend the Billiard Education Foundation Junior Nationals. We...
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    I'm looking for help with pool trophies. If anyone could point me towards a website that has cool trophies, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! Sarah
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    IL State Junior Championships

    I am holding a BEF Junior National qualifier, the Illinois State Championships, in Normal, IL on May 29. Here are the details: Date: May 29, 2010 Where: Illinois State University Bowling and Billiard Center (site of last years BEF Junior Nationals) 700 West College Avenue...
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    Junior Tournament Interest

    Don't worry, I am going to put the official tournament announcement in the Tournament section. I am just wanting to know if anyone in the Illinois area has a kid or knows of kids that are interested in qualifying for the BEF Junior Nationals? I am holding a qualifier at Illinois State...
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    Heartbackers 2010

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a heads up that I am doing the Heartbacker sponsorship again this year. Many of you helped me out last year and I greatly appreciate the opportunity that you all gave me to travel the world playing in international events. This year, I have been invited to...
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    Thank You!

    I just wanted a chance to say thanks to PoolDawg for renewing my sponsorship for 2010!! That means everyone can still get 5% off their PoolDawg purchases by using the discount code ROUSEY. Also, remember that every Monday there is a trivia question on my blog. The winner gets a $10 PoolDawg...
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    Thank you for a great year!!

    Well it is the end of the year and I would like to give a big thank you to everyone here for all of their support in 2009! Without all of you to support me, I wouldn't have been able to travel the world and fulfill a life long dream of playing pool one the worldwide level. Thank you so much to...
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    Heads up!

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that at midnight tonight a Southwest cue went up for sale on! These cues are hard to get with the long waiting list and rising prices. You can check it out here. Remember to use the discount code ROUSEY to save 5% on this purchase! Happy...
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    $50 PoolDawg give-away!!

    This weeks trivia question on my blog is worth $50!! Click here to see the question. Remember, anything you need for the pool lover in your life can be found at!! Good luck everyone. Please post the answer in the comments section of my blog! Sarah
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    Hello from China!

    I just wanted to let everyone know that everyone has arrived in Shenyang, China for the Women's World 9ball Championships. There is a block on many websites (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Blogger, etc.) here and I know that is a problem for most of us. I know a lot of girls were planning to...
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    Monday Trivia

    I can't believe that I have forgotten to mention the Monday trivia that Pooldawg is helping me do on my blog. Every monday there is a different question. The first person to answer correctly gets a $10 gift code from PoolDawg. Thanks to everyone for checking out my blog and if you haven't...
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    Hello from Shanghai!

    I arrived in Shanghai yesterday afternoon. It is really an awesome place from what I have seen. The only problem so far is that no one really speaks english. We wandered around quite a bit yesterday trying to find a place to eat that had english such luck! The hotel is incredible...
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    Hello from the Philippines!

    I just wanted to take time to thank everyone who has helped me with my travels. I just arrived in the Philippines tonight. The best way to describe it....HOT! And yes, I am talking about the temperature. The first tournament, Philippine Open begins on May 27th and the Women's World 10-ball...