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Sterling Wave Case Review
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Thumbs up Sterling Wave Case Review - 04-27-2010, 11:48 AM

Okay, so maybe this should be in the product review section, but let's face it, that gets like seven hits a day. I want people to actually read this review.

I got my Sterling Wave 4x8 case today, and my first impressions have exceeded my expectations. I'll start with the outside, and we can work our way in. First of all, the overall appearance of the case is quite nice. I purchased the blue and black, and I am very pleased. It's got two shoulder straps so the case can be carried backpack style, and they're both very comfortable and sturdy. Time will tell whether or not I keep both straps, as I may only need one, but if I were to decide I didn't want both, I could simply take one off, as they are removable.

There is a handle on the side of the case as well, and again, it's very sturdy, but more surprisingly, it's quite comfortable. My old case has a nylon strap handle that's got a rubber/plastic-type coating on it, which makes it somewhat uncomfortable to carry.

I know there were zipper issues with the older models, and I know they have since been fixed. With that said, all of the zippers on my case work just fine and seem to be of very high quality. The zipper pulls are oversized, (probably close to 1-1/2" long), which is a welcome sight. Too often pulls tend to be too small, and this is just one of the many minor details that was not overlooked.

There are two pockets on the front of the case for storage. The first, near the top, is the accessory pocket. It's generously sized at 7-1/2"x5" and the BEST part about it is the zipper. It actually unzips almost all the way down the entire length of the pocket. There's nothing worse than a nice, big pocket that only unzips a few inches and leaves you digging around in blindness looking for a cube of chalk or your tip tool. With the Wave, you can basically unzip it and fold the pocket all the way down. Again, another detail that was carefully considered. The bottom pocket is also a great size, coming in at 15"x5". As with the smaller pocket, it zips almost the entire way down. It's got a super soft, cushioned mesh sleeve on the inside to hold a jump cue butt, and I EASILY fit in a box of 12 Master chalk, a box of 2 Blue Diamond chalk, a towel, some old tip tools, and my jump cue butt with plenty of storage to spare.

Onto the inside. From what I understand, the interior was designed by John Barton of JB Cases, and he did a PHENOMENAL job. Both the cue butts and shafts fit snug, but don't need to be forced down into the case. They simply slide in, and with a light push with one finger, they find their home. They are completely protected from movement, and the soft padding almost forms to the shape of the cue. The first test I put it to was this: I put one shaft in the case, nothing else. I turned the case upside down, and the shaft didn't move. That is evidence of how well the interior supports the cues. Then I put all of my cues in, three butts and five shafts, and not one of them was difficult to get in or out. And again, they didn't fall out when I turned the case upside down. Incredible.

This case truly is a fantastic piece of equipment. I very highly recommend it to any and all seeking an appealing case that will protect their investments to the fullest extent. One of the best parts about this case, though, is the price point. It is extremely affordable. This 4x8 case was $150. The 2x5/3x4 goes for $135 I believe. At that price, you won't find a better deal.

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