All time greats- who do you play?

jay helfert

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Tough call for me. I did play some of these guys mentioned above, plus Mosconi and Fats in exhibitions. The problem with playing great players is that you rarely get to shoot. That's no fun. I think I'd really enjoy playing my old friend Jersey Red some One Pocket. He was so enjoyable to play for anyone who got on the table with him. Red had a comment for every shot, yours or his. Most of them pearls of wisdom delivered with humor. I did play him a 9-Ball match in Dayton. He told me the night before he may not show up since he was feeling ill. That would have been all right with me since it was a money match. He did show up though and that took all the wind out of my sails. He beat me 11-6. I realized later it was just a shark move by one of the best!


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If you could match up with a pool legend of the past for a long gambling session, who would it be?

I am thinking Ronnie Allen or Louie Roberts. It would be fun losing!
Hmmm.. lots of great names already. I’ll add:

Gene Nagy
Shorty Johnson