Alternate Games Like 9.1?


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I tried to search "9.1", but the tool couldn't find any results. I tried searching for "14.1" & it failed too. Sorry if this has been discussed before.

Inspired by Elvicash's thread on 4.0, I wondered if anyone has played the game with fewer 9.1 (back row removed, so a 10 ball rack)? I'm not suggesting we do it, I'm just curious what was learned if someone had.

I suppose the 9.1 stack would be easier to break open on break shots, so it would be easier to develop larger runs...which would build confidence.

Also, it would require more breaks shots for a given game length, so that might give incrementally more break shot practice.

You'd only have 9 balls to get set up for the next KB & BB, so that would put more pressue on that aspect of the game.


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I was wondering about this concept, and I wondered if the difficulty might be increased due to the smaller rack. Have to be more precise with the breakball and all that. I haven't experimented yet though.


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Generally it's an easier game. Because there are fewer balls there is probably a somewhat less chance of having a good break ball right after the break, but there is also way less chance of problems and having to deal with second and third break outs of troublesome after-clusters.

Simply put, it's easier to run 8 balls than 14.
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Yeah perhaps I wasn't clear. I was just speaking about the increased difficulty of breakshots and not overall difficulty.

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The idea behind 9.1 is that it should be played on 7-foot tables.

On a 9' table: 15 balls/5000 in-2, or 333 sq inches of table per ball

On a 7', 9 balls/3042 in-2, or 338 sq inches of table per ball

So the "space" is pretty equal for these setups. There are various arguments regarding it being easier to sink 8 than 14, but there are also fewer options with fewer balls.


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9.1 on a 7 footer

lately i have been stuck waiting for friends in a joint with only a 7' and i tried some 14.1 there. after watching lots of Sigel videos i am trying to learn below the stack breakouts. back row was WAY too close to the foot rail, just no room to work down there. i think the 9.1 is a good idea for the 7' tables. after all, are not the overwhelming majority of commercial tables now 7 footers? it might get some new folks who have never seen a 9' introduced to 14.1