Anniversary, GC or Diamond?


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Taking $$$ off the table as a consideration and only viewing this from the perspective of playability, maintenance, nostalgia, resale (not while I'm alive anyway), and anything else you can think of, which table would you choose?


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Gold Crown II

Easier to set up than a GC I.

Main frame side members run the full length of the table and the end frame members run in between.

Adjustable feet

Other than the P. Lam. clad rail caps, it's as low tech and as servicable as it gets.

I would suggest drop pockets rather than ball return.

You'll never want for more.
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Lots of time you can find an old GC for next to nothing. Knuckleheads where I live sold off 12 Two’s and Three’s for $250.00 each.

Then replaced with Diamonds, that I hate.

Stupid uneducated people spend money like sailor who have not seen land in 180 Dax’s.


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I own a diamond and absolutely love it but I would have honestly bought a GC 2 or 3 if I could have found one when I was looking.


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I like the GC much better than the Diamond due to the way the balls bounce off of each table's cushions. Of the GC's, the 5 is my favorite. I like how the corner casting has parallel sides, instead of perpendicular sides. I also like the nickel trim they offered on the 5. The Anniversary is pretty, but I think its look belongs in the 50's. The GC looks a lot more modern, especially the 5.


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Brunswick Anniversary looks great and plays great with Brunswick conversion cues.


A couple months ago I bought a 9ft GC 3. The guy I bought it from put diamond rails on it. The pockets are 4.25in. It plays great.

So I am not just talking... I spent the money and did it. I love the sound the pockets makes.

Can't go wrong with a classic.


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That's my favorite part about the diamonds. I moved a 9' table last night with one buddy and my wife. A few turns of a wrench and I'm able to play on it!
Do you mean a few feet? Or to a different house? I thought the one piece slate would be the hardest to move?


It'd be a lot cooler if you did.
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If it were me and money weren't a consideration, I'd get the Anniversary and get it refinished.


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If it's me, but also playing in tournaments, a Diamond.

If it's just me practicing and having friends over for a few yuks, the Anniversary.

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