AZB Reporting that Jeanette Lee is Diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer


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There literally is no one that has done more for the promotion and recognition of pool (and the pool world) then Jeanette Lee since I have been around the game. She is the only true modern professional in the game in that she learned and knew how to turn her skill into a true image. Sad news for her and her family..........and selfishly for pool.


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I'm very sorry to hear this incredibly sad news. I wish Jeanette and her family the best.

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Used to run into Jeanette in the early 90s at South Shore Billiards (out by Jay Helfert's house in LA) - she was always friendly and outgoing, a real pool ambassador.

Run out on it, Jeanette!


Bob Jewett

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For one of my co-workers, she was the only pool player he recognized. She was happy to inscribe a picture for him the next time I saw her at DCC and he was really happy to get it. She also donated time and raffle items to an event I produced. We need a miracle.

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My heart is broken. Jeanette and I have been close friends since the late 1990's, although we haven't chatted on the phone for a few months now. We've spent an enormous amount of time playing pool with each other, and I probably spent close to fifty days as her house guest in Indiana. I know all her children, and my heart aches for them.

If there's a way to endure and/or survive this, Jeanette will find it. She's as determined a woman as one could ever meet. If she can't get past this, I hope that she is spared as much physical pain as possible.

Why oh why must so many of our very finest be struck down? This news is just devastating.
I'm with yah on this one for sure. From her Bobby Hunter days, to George Breedlove, to her adoptions, and her natural borne child, she's quite a person in life, one that deserves good will from the billiard world and beyond. If anyone can get thru this it's her.


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