Brand new dennis searing golden cue


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this cue is perfect over 400 inlays in the cue and each inlay is bordered with solid gold, this cue is probly the most prestigious cue ever built to date everything in the cue is gold and he used a 5 thousand bits to cut the inlay and that has never been done before by another cue maker this is the nicest searinng i have ever seen in my life and i own it he made this cue becuase ii saved his sister life and for that he gave me this piece of art i wouldnt even call it a cue it should go up on a mantle and it will be in magazines showing the prestigious 5 thousand bit cutting inlay work that he has done this cue is the nuts and dosnt get any better than this i just picked it up today and i love it i hope u enjoy the pics as well


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more pics of this fine cue this is the finest cue he has bui;t tp date ot ny any other cue maker for that matter not noking any of them done he just went all out on this one thanks cant wait till i play with it im sur it plays lights out


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last pics of the cue and i thank dennis for taking some nice pics but it doesnt do it justice the cue is just amazing and breathless for sale for 100k
thats what i will take for it i plane on haviing it for the rest of my life and cant wait to play with it please enjoy the pics as i enjoy the cue


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I feel like I am going to have a better day because I was able to see this cue. It just makes me smile...

Dennis is on such a different level than other cuemakers it is astonishing. You are a very fortunate man to have this wonderful cue. I hope enjoy it for the rest of your days.

Thank you so much for sharing,


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Beautiful cue Sean,thanks for showing it. Dennis is an amazing craftsman.
"country" Bob


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Dennis continues to push the envelope with the machines using classical design themes. Thats a great looking cue, no doubt the Miz would have loved this cue.


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Dennis who???????????????

What a cue:thumbup:

I dont think i can own it in this lifetime:embarrassed2:

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Once again, Dennis proves to be at the top of the ladder.

Phenomenal cue, sir. Just phenomenal. I've spoken to Dennis multiple times, and this cue always managed to pop up in the conversation. No amount of talking could ever due this cue justice. It's as close to perfect as a cue will ever get.

Congratulations!! To have a Searing cue is exceptionally rare. To have THAT Searing cue is just mind-blowing!!

Mark <---one of the exceptionally rare, and thankful for it

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My NEW Favorite Searing Cue!!!

Great combination of old school, new school, and graduate school by Dennis.

Seriously he never ceases to amaze me with the detail he puts into the smallest things. I mean GOLD bordered ivory dashes???



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5 Veneer ,mitered boxes and gold

a truly great cue Sean. Delightful

I think this is Dennis's first 5 veneer cue. I love how the veneers seem to blend seamlessly together.

This cue has everything. I know it will play well.
(Can I hit with it ,next time I am in Florida!);)

love the pics.



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The Holy Grail Of Cues !!

Everything about this cue screams perfection. I'm surprised Dennis can even see normally with all the time he spends with the magnifiers on. This cue is beyond words, but I'm gonna try. It's supercalafragilisticexpealadocious.

TommyT :thumbup: