Calling All Cue Collectors!


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I will be listing more than 3 dozen cues over the next few weeks. Examples of makers are Tascarella, Mottey, James White, Balabushka, Gus, Barry, Hercek, Black Boar, etc. Serious buyers, please PM to discuss what’s available, and to get pricing before these cues hit open market.

If my iTrader is of any concern, I do have people who can vouch for me, or even provide escrow to ease your minds.

If you have anything you're looking to add to your collection please let me know!


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You need to start a thread in the for sale section telling people to check out your thread in the main forum that will tell them you are going to post in a few days in the for sale section.

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Without pictures, this thread is equally likely to be a scam as it is to be legit.

It's not a scam, there's a pile of monsters

They aren't listed at bankruptcy prices, so they will take a year or two to unload. Owner is willing to take losses. PM if you're interested
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They aren't listed at bankruptcy prices, so they will take a ......".lifetime".......not to sell...... but to........"unload".


Owner is willing to take a loss.

PM if you're a serious buyer.

Ive got a couple of buddies that deal in high end cues (he doesn't call them monsters unless he is talking to someone thats inexperienced but, has the cash and interest). It'll be interesting what I hear from them.

As others have said:

Very strange selling tactic.

It comes across as desperate.

Just an observation.


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A Hercek ivory joint cue always commands my attention and maybe also my money if and when it's the right cue.