Can I see your pool table lights?


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Here is mine.

There is a member here on the forum who sells these. This sucker is bright.

Hi, Beautiful set up. Who is the seller?


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There is a Predator version that is dimmable and heat color adjustable via a remote.
Predator Arena lights is also compatible with a whole slew of accessories that snap on like legos, such as score board displays, camera mounts, and wiring harnesses for no-fuss streaming. I was also told they're flicker free, and they don't have the light saber glare. The 3 year warranty, and Ira Lee's unlimited phone support is something others don't offer.
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I went with the Barrina LED lights from Amazon. I have yet to get them all paired to one remote, and there was a small learning curve, but the price point made it worth it.
Nice setup. There are a few different models on Amazon. Can you share which model you bought; wattage, length, color temperature? Are they dimmable? I wonder if it is possible to connect them to a potentiometer to dim the lights just in case they are too bright. I am not an electrician :)


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My sister built this one for the bil's home room.


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My Billiard Room/Wine Cellar/Man Cave is still a work in progress. First was a new TSR floor, then a Brunswick GC Tournament light with LED bulbs. My Tournament GC4 goes in next month. I took this pic right after my electrician & I got the light mounted.