Carbon graphite anyone play with one ?


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I know the kid down the street has a carbon fiber "look" on the wing of his ricer.

It does seem to make the car louder.


Not trying to dispute your knowledge on thus stuff but isn't even that cheap woven material on an Eliminator a form of carbon-fiber? You can't just weave pure carbon. It would have to be in some form of cloth. It does contain carbon. Maybe low-grade but its still carbon-fiber. BTW, all of my background on this subject is the golf shaft side of things. When i was building/repairing clubs i talked to a lot of engineers at the various shaft co's so i do know a tad about this stuff.
Great to hear your comment ! I originally posted it to hear any feedback from anyone that has or plays with Carbon graphite . I think some automatically think carbon fiber , which from the experts ,they seem taken back by even the suggestion of carbon fiber , which was never my intention. Anyway thanks for weighing in on this for me ! I really appreciate your knowledge of the carbon Graphite cue .


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Well they can play at the highest level possible. Mark Taddemy was a member here about 10 years ago and said (paraphrasing by me and my memory) he had one of those old graphite cues from the 90's when he was playing world beater level and it was the best cue he ever had.


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I'll just step away again and zip up my pants. These types of discussions are why I've been staying away from AZ.
Stay here.

It is refreshing.

It is very seldom that these type of threads have anybody who actually knows what they are talking about.