Corey Deuel to compete in the 2013 United States National Snooker Championship


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Holy Black Ball, now, that's quite a feat. Looks like Corey knows where the cheese is! ;)


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Snooker tables are awfully big..:eek:

..oh, wait a minute, this is Texas!

Corey is going to show them some shots never before seen in the snooker world.


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Congrats on nabbing Corey! It should be very interesting.

Your website says "full coverage on" Will you be streaming any matches?

pt109 said: "Corey is going to show them some shots never before seen in the snooker world."

I hope Corey plays snooker with the same reckless abandon that he plays pool. That's what makes him so exciting to watch.
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USA Snooker

I wish that snooker would ketch back on across the USA, when I was growing up in the 70's I caught the tail end of snooker's popularity, it was still a very popular game to play, all the small towns with pool halls had snooker tables, most were 10 footers, but everyone played the game, now you don't see snooker tables hardly at all in poolrooms and the ones you do see the guy's play golf on them.

I wish Corey all the best in the upcoming USA's Snooker Championships, but snooker is a different animal and he will be tested for sure.

I hope the tournament is streamed and we get to see some great play!:)

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If he does play snooker with the same reckless abandon that he does with pool then he better be prepared for some sanctions, the snooker world doesn't take kindly to wild play just ask aussie Quintin Hann.


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Think I'll have to get down to the snooker hall and watch a bit since I live somewhat close (30-40 miles probably). I've seen Alex play once, and he can definitely play the game. Thanks for posting as I didn't realize this was about to happen.

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Corey caught the bug in New Jersey during the Accu-Stats make it happen 1 pocket event... They had a 12ft snooker table at one of the local rooms and I think Corey and 1 or 2 of the other players were over on it most every night..... My understanding was that Corey had never played actual snooker until the trip... He had a high run in the 70s the first night... This was where the snooker comments came in from Alex about pool being a harder "game" but snooker being harder to pocket balls.....


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Best of luck to the Prince!! The only thing that could stop Corey from being a top flight Snooker player is zinger shots.... You have to wait for the right time to go for it. Safety play may be an issue aswell since he isnt accustom to playing on a surface that big. I hope he does well and I hope that he's smart enough to find proper coaching to bring out his best game. Without proper coaching he might as well not even try..

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Is it Americans only?
The Nationals are limited to citizens and permanent residents. The US Snooker Tour events are open to everyone. I suppose if O'Sullivan showed up for a Tour event, there'd be a mixture of grumbling and awe.
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