Cornelius Dryfhout -- aka "Neil" here on AzB


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It is with a sad and heavy heart that I share this news that our long-time friend "Neil" here on AzB has passed on:!/Obituary

Many folks here know Neil, have probably had lots of in-depth discussions (or arguments) with him, but irrespective of which side of the aisle you were on with respect to Neil, you have to acknowledge that he was a man of conviction. He stuck to his guns, and was always willing to explain why.

We will miss Neil, and this place has lost an avid contributor.

RIP, my friend.


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One of the good guys!

Kinda checking who we have lost while I have been away. Surprised to find Neil on the list. Neil contributed a lot with his what would you do threads and in discussions. Neil was a fairly rare fellow, you could discuss something with him. If you disagreed you would be met with logical support for his position and a willingness to discuss things until we either agreed or agreed to disagree. Sometimes we discussed things for days with never a harsh word. I don't need to tell anyone how rare that is.

I am left feeling blindsided and genuinely saddened. Rest in peace.



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Neil definitely was a force here. As Hu is doing, I am checking in occasionally and sad to hear this.


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still catch myself going to message him or call....and then i remember.....but for a milisecond hes still alive and i cherish those infinitesimal moments