CSI Predator US Pro Series-LAS VEGAS OPEN (23-26 March 2022), 9ft, $125K Prizemoney, 192 players


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i'm quite impressed by this endeavor by predator/CSI, the production is good, it's streamed free, they got a lot of things right. and if they up the prize money then matchroom's gonna have to do the same. the format has been flogged enough on this forum and elsewhere..

the commentator box badly needs a pro player / retired pro. the british guy is quite ok as a color commentator but the other guy isn't much of a conversateur so it becomes rather awkward when he pokes him. but hey it's free..
Last event Robles was great in the booth. They do need a player to do color i agree. George is ok but his hyper attention to pronouncing names right wears me out. The Brit dude is fine but they need a current/former pro in the box. Some vets like Varner, Buddy, Hopkins, etc would b awesome. Big plus is they run pretty much on time, stream quality is flawless AND its free.


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But for this event, they are not using a template. And the B&R percentage through 75 games on the main streaming table so far is 8% (a total of 6 B&Rs in 7 matches).

I'm sure the B&R% will improve later. In the first two events in this series this year, it was 16% and 21% in the streamed matches.
Is the much lower 8% B&R so far in this event because they have more weaker players appearing on stream compared to previous events? :LOL:
Last event Robles was great in the booth.
Good that Robles will be back now since he is already eliminated :D


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Looks like Predator needs to go back to the drawing board with their new pool table. It ain't so easy to build a good table is it.

Some say they've been seeing the tables leveled (and re-leveled) with carpenter levels instead of machinist levels. I would love a picture of that.

Others are speculating that the cloth install wasn't pulled tight enough. I want to give the tables the benefit of the doubt. I assume it has to be the setup.


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Is the much lower 8% B&R so far in this event because they have more weaker players appearing on stream compared to previous events? :LOL: ...
Probably not. When both players in a match are lower level, yes, we would expect fewer B&Rs. But all of the streamed matches in this event so far have had at least one real good player, often both. And, with a winner-breaks format, if one player is top notch and the other is much lower skilled, the inferior player doesn't usually get to break much anyway, so B&R percentages may not be affected much. Maybe the reason is just statistical fluctuation from relatively few games/breaks so far.

The equipment is the same as in the last couple of events (except for the levelness :)), and successful breaks (necessary for B&Rs, of course) are no worse.
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Riku Romppainen. That Finnish 14 year old player actually put me out from Finnish 8-ball champs last 16 phase, last weekend. I was leading 6-2 and played good but he came strong.
Alternate breaks. He was 2-6 behind and made run out. Then i fouled my break and he ran out there and run out his break after that. So game was 6-5. Then i had a ball from break but got 6 ball cluster and missed thin shot where i also hit cluster and he ran out that. So hill hill. He then break and got unlucky and could only see stripes and they were bad. He tried run out anyway and could not get balls out. I then got my chance and ran couple balls and had to run to 3 ball cluster where i got really unlucky roll and scratched and he finished match. I really gave credit to him not giving up and i felt bad losing but good to see young guy like that come more Finnish pool scene again.