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Do ANY pro events use 760? I've Never played on it or heard of any table or person near actually having it.
IMO its only good for 14.1 and maybe 1p. The reason there is 860 is because of all the complaints about it being too fast for 9ball. I remember when my local spot got 760(around '88ish) and we all hated it. 860 and HR are much better.


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Olhausen Grand Champion III, 10ft, 860 cloth.


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There's less congestion on a 10' table. Rarely have to break up any balls. Lots of room to play position. Just try to stay close to the balls and you'll be all right. ;)

P.S. Polish up on your bridge skills and make sure you have a good extension.
It doesn’t happen often, but when you break and run on a 10 footer, you feel like you’ve done something.

We have a 10 footer with 4 1/4 inch pockets as well as a 7 foot Diamond in addition to our eight 9-footers. I like to alternate between all three, just to keep things interesting.


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why does Diamond utilize a raised lip on their pockets?

is this considered advantegous to some?
They're called bi-level pockets, because rhe back of the pockets are raised up at the back so when a ball gets pocketed, the back angle of the pocket design directs the ball down into the pocket, otherwise if the back of the pocket followed the profile of the rail and dropped off at the back, balls would have a tendency to bounce back onto the playing surface instead of into the pockets.

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I love the 10 foot diamonds. Very different game and even shots with cueball near middle of table feel long, can only reach comfortably just beyond center table. Position zones are huge.

Always play on them at SBE. Would love to have one in my room.
I have a picture somewhere of John Roberts Junior on a 6 x 12 snooker table in the early 1900s. I think he was about 6'3' tall and he was using a bridge to shoot a ball in the side pocket. Talk about adventure!