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Starting next Sunday. Details below. As usual, we will be videoing all 4 tables and uploading matches and high runs to youtube after the event.

Below is a facebook post by TV Mike who will be live streaming the event.

"This is one of the biggest shows of the year for if you don’t know we have been producing on behalf of Diamond Billiards for the past 3-4 years at the Derby City Classic. It is a blessing to be involved in one of the most prestigious events for professional and amateur pool in the country.

Dates of the event are January the 19th through the 27th- NINE DAYS.

The first two days we are available for producing action matches and whatever other coverage gets sent our way. Sunday through Weds from 9AM till about 12 am are the 14.1 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge Qualifiers and then the actual matches of the tournament on Thursday.

This event has actually grown to be one of the most popular events @ Derby City. World class players from all over the globe will be competing for a record 19,000 in added money.

Did I mention there will be lots of action and great streams? Anytime the 14.1 isn’t going we will feature action matches on the tables that we get off the cuff or that are presented to us to cover for the viewers and players who like to play on the 2 tables upstairs in our section which is semi private with room and seats for spectators and a lower traffic area.

The 14.1 event has actually grown to be one of the most popular events @ Derby City for the world class players from all over that travel, and this year the added money is at $ 19,000 so far.

I am going to produce 2 channels to choose from with coverage up to 4 tables alternating in views at different times. As per usual all the content will be available for review or on demand viewing anytime from both channels on the network along with the other thousands of videos online available. As soon as a segment of streaming is closed the video is available immediately for watching!"


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I would like to be there aswell. Spending my money for rebuys.. Just like last year! :p


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14.1 Day one...

WERE LIVE and this is awesome!

This is a members only broadcast.

TvMike's is LIVE from Derby City Classic. The almost 20k added 14.1 George Fels Memorial Straight Pool Challenge is open for business. $100 gets you 12 tries for high runs. Top 8 runs over 4 days qualify for the tournament.

World class players. Dennis Orcollo, Alex Pagulayan, Jayson Shaw, Mika Immonen, John Schmidt, Ruslan Chinakhov, Josh Filler, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Thorsten Hohmann, Jeff Deluna, Lee Van Corteza! - They will all be in here and even more!!!!

So far for the first day. Dennis Orcollo has a 104 - Ivar Saris – 86 Jayson Shaw 84 - Konrad Juszczyszyn 60 - Corey Deuel - 59 - Johnny Archer 27 - Tom Karabatsos 6.
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Derby Sponsors
Jacoby Custom Cues – Dennis Hatch / Meucci Cues / Draw Your Rock / Fast Action Cue Clothing
The League Room – Chris Wilson in Parkersburg WV
The Pool Hall – Tony Lovejoy in Huntington WV
Anytime Billiards – Private pool room club and Diamond Billiards showroom and dealer in Des Moines Iowa.

Dennis Walsh – Business Realty Legal in Chicago Illinois – Straight Pool Fanatic
Nathan Tavarez – Realty in Chicago Illinois – 14.1 sponsor
-Red Shoes Billiards – Chicago Pool Room – 14.1 sponsor

Thanks to everyone who made this tremendous 14.1 event possible this year. .Simonis, Aramith, Diamond Billiards

Bob Jewett. Rich Klein. Thomas Walsh Red Shoes Billiards Stu MattanaNathan Tavarez-Johnny Archer- Stan Haines- Chet Osborn -Goddard Ned RedickJim Bacus Brandon Boren Kevin Deane Dennis Walsh


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