Does Your Cue Have A Name ?

Public Poll: Do You Have A Name For Your Cue ?

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Mickey Qualls

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Do you have a name for your cue ?

Not the name that your cue may have had from the factory (for example, McDermott's M71A, the "Deacon"), but your own personal name for it.

I've always been a fan of B.B. King, so a long time ago I named my cue "Lucille" (after B.B. King's guitar).

I'm interested to hear more... :smile:


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I've always been a fan of B.B. King, so a long time ago I named my cue "Lucille" (after B.B. King's guitar).

I think it's ridiculous to give a name to an inanimate object....:angry:

..but I do have a stroke named Lucille..:yes:
Unfortunately, it's the Lucille that Kenny Rogers sings about..:o

..and it keeps finding a fine time to leave me..:crying:


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Mines named after my first wife. Like her it doesn't do what I tell it to and its pretty good at cheating...the pocket that is :)


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Doom....just kidding.

Had one back in the day, his name was W.T. Fin. Short for...Who The F&%K Is Next.

Nowadays, he doesn't have a name. But I often tell people that He hates my money even more than I do!!


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My cue was titled "The Joker" and it is part of The Joker set.


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My first cue was a meucci that I called "lucky" because I lost the first six matches I played with it. I play with a DP now and haven't really named it but I've called it "The Donkey Punch" cuz I'll beat your ass with it!


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When I win, it's my trusty cue.

When I lose, it's a worthless piece of firewood.

Seriously, no name...but I love my Keith Josey cue.