Former BCA Executive Director - Stephen Ducoff Dies

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The Duke

I had lunch with em, and game em a pool lesson before he took on his job as the director of the BCA when it first moved to Colorado Springs. Very outgoing, jovial man, with decades of handling sports for our service men and women. He had a pic of himself and Cheney on his desk top in his office at the BCA office. The coffers had about three million in the bank back then. RIP duke, you did your job.

Mark Griffin

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Steve Ducoff

Steve Ducoff was a decent fellow. I was on the BCA board back around 2003-4. He became the director when BCA moved their offices to Colorado Springs (from Iowa). That was when they were chasing the Olympic dream.

I saw him at Southpoint casino within the last year. He was here for a conference and looked ok. Sorry to hear about his passing.

He was fair but firm.

RIP Steve

Mark griffin


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Oh wow. Sorry to hear that. I liked him. Like Mark said, he presented a firm persona, but was fair and had a kind heart and was always approachable. He recognized and appreciated good people, which I think is a rare quality.

Condolences to his family.


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Very sorry to hear of Steve's passing. I worked under four Executive Directors during my tenure as an employee of the BCA (1991-2004), and Steve displayed the best leadership and organizational skills in that position. He had a strong community presence within the Colorado Springs sports community, and he was a great gentleman that will be missed. Our condolences to Elaine and the family. - Carol & John Lewis


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Reast In Peace SteveDucoff. I met Steve at our first tournament attendance, to show our BreakRAK.

He was instrumental is showing us around & getting us started. He was a Nice man.