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Smorg is giving St Peter the 7!
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Looks like he did it! Those old bear traps were brutal. I have seen them with single and double leaf springs too. There were special tools to crank them open. Slave owners put a few of them around a place to discourage runaways. Might break a leg, sometimes damaged a leg so bad it had to be removed! Some people had one on display at the top of their fence post at the end of their drive for years. I had business there one day and talked to them. They asked me if I knew what that was. Although we had a unique Louisiana bear, I told them more likely a slave trap where it was at. Not long afterwards they took it down!

Huge cannon balls used to be common lawn ornaments put up on a pedestal or concrete bird bath along the Mississippi River. More than a few of those old cannon balls were still viable! A foot or more outside diameter, musta held a lot of black powder.