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Is this supposed to be anti Bill Gates, or is it supposed to make us laugh at conspiracy ideas? Genuinely curious. He's got his fingers in a lot of stuff for sure, but this cartoon is pretty confusing, not a very clear message.

If it is anti gates, it is basically pandering to the first degree, pandering never makes good entertainment, not is it very clever. It shows lack of creativity on the part of the artist and/or him not respecting his audience's intelligence.
Looking at his other posts, he means it to be the former, but it has the effect of the latter.

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Keep it consistent moderators, if I can't post some funny religious memes, posting funny atheists memes is the same. Aye aye.
Never knew a all powerful omnipotent deity and its followers could be such senstive and easily offended people when they know they are sooo right. Lol.

JC, not a dig at you. Just using it as an example. Have a glorious day.
I have no problem with stuff like that.


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Thanks @jimmyg .... Jesus... how much time am I going to waste on this now!

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