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That's just a baby haul truck tire that he's " airing up " the haul truck's I used to operate I couldn't touch the top lug nuts holding it .
If I remember correctly they also hold around 250 gallons of calcium chloride in each tire along with about 150 - 200 lbs of air pressure .
Then if you were to see some colorful liquid seeping out of one of those tires park it against a high wall and call it in for repair .
I still miss working at the coal mine !


Keep it consistent moderators, if I can't post some funny religious memes, posting funny atheists memes is the same. Aye aye.
Never knew a all powerful omnipotent deity and its followers could be such senstive and easily offended people when they know they are sooo right. Lol.

JC, not a dig at you. Just using it as an example. Have a glorious day.