Funny pic/gif thread...

Patrick Johnson

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Croc carrying its young.


Chili Palmer

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And since this is the funny thread - the husband and wife next to me turned out to be good friends and he worked on the north slope as an EMT so was gone quite a bit. One night I'm sitting around the house and the wife (the girl in the pic - not my wife) sent me a nude pic :oops:. About 10 seconds later I get another, very simple, text saying "Please delete that". Her and her hubby were having a little fun over the phone and she fat fingered something (pun intended) :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.


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Much smaller whales but in a pod. Off the coast of Victoria, BC, Canada.

I took the picture from a Zodiac.

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Pre Covid I fished up your way several summers in a row at Langara Island. What a beautiful fishery! My whale story is this- they have the smelliest blow hole breath you can possibly imagine. It’s absolutely disgusting!

Do you think they border will be open this summer so I can come up there? Normally by now the lodge would be calling for my deposit but I haven’t heard a word. Can’t wait to get back up there.

Rusty in Montana

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I remember winters like this when I was a kid living in Northeastern Montana , feeding the bulls was easy just open the hay loft door get the bales of hay close to it and toss them out they didn't have far to fall before hitting a snow drift and they slid up to the hay bunk .
The cows we would plow snow with the tractor to feed bales to them .

Where to put the Snow was a problem for us back then as well it usually was piled up on the down wind side of the yard when possible ha ha !