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That’s correct was €1,80-€2,05/L

In the UK was £1.90-£2.02/L

That’s what I saw in Munich and London myself.

The word around the campfire was petrol has went way up in London. Munich was that price before(best I can recall) I could be wrong

The USD$ is so strong currently it’s kinda made the euro petrol prices and the US much closer. 10 years ago it was almost double in Europe compared to America. When the dollar was weaker.

The exchange rate has leveled the playing field for the time being.

I’m moving $ into € & £ over the next few months. Gonna spread out and hedge a bit. I don’t see the USD$ staying strong as it is.

The yen ¥ is super cheap now, but Japan has china issues and that’s not a great bet.

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I went the wrong way on that, have some I bought when the Euro was $1.40 Oh well

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And to add to the gas conversation...

As of June 17:

Hong Kong: $11.35
Norway: $10.22
Denmark: $10.04
Finland: $10.08
Greece: $9.49
Netherlands: $9.33
United Kingdom: $8.39
Spain: $8.35
France: $8.27
Italy: $8.01
Israel: $7.94
Germany: $7.65