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After the closing of Ohio universities following the Kent State shootings and deaths in 1970, people became more worried about college age kids and their potential affiliations with radical groups like SDS. I was a hitchhiker through high school and college and getting a ride back then became more difficult. I made a sign that said on one side “UNARMED COLLEGE STUDENT TO DAYTON” and on the other side said “UNARMED COLLEGE STUDENT TO CINCY”. I never had a problem getting a ride after that.


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Of course you can if your brother isn't doing it from the other direction at the same time.
Thanks, made me smile! I’ve got several brothers, one of them is a complete nut case with mad skills. Drives like a hooligan. We spent many hours shooting pool, over the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Holidays to everyone, love your family, even the nut jobs.