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Stuck in traffic on 27 heading out to Montauk one fall. Slow, tedious going. Out of sheer boredom I noticed that the potholes were numbered.
I thought that was odd & kept creeping along.

Finally the traffic started to clear.
The cause of the hour plus traffic jam?
It was the crew numbering the potholes!
The are 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire


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Late to the ball but I can't resist telling one of my favorite Little Johnny jokes. The start of the school year a teacher thought she had found a clever way to see how the children were getting along in spelling and ask their background which she couldn't legally do.

"Children, when I call your name tell everybody what your father does for a living and spell it." "Tammy, we will start with you."
My daddy is a cook, c-o-o-k.

"Very good. Cindy what does your father do?"
"My dad sells shirts. S-h-i-t-s."

The teacher flinched. "Try again please."
"My dad sells shirts, s-h-i-t-s."

The teacher is distinctly pale now. "One more time."
Li'l Johnny jumps up. My ol'man is a bookie, b-double-o-k-i-e and I'll give you five to three she spells shits again!"



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1967. Weren’t a lot of our AZB brothers coming up round that time? What were the tastiest tunes?

Axis Bold as Love came out that year. My favorite Hendrix album. If I were to choose just one song for a classic rock playlist, which would make the cut?

The suspects:
Axis Bold as Love- Great track too obvious.

Little Wing- SRV had so much respect for Hendrix that he refused to sing the words. I think he just didn’t want to sing about butterflies and zebras and moonbeams, and fairytales.

Castles Made of Sand- Great tune, but every one who has delved even a touch below the surface latches on to this one.

Wait Until Tomorrow- I feel like this is the pool player Hendrix jam. You ever been promised something that hasn’t lived up to expectations? Well, this tune won’t let you down!