Funny video


Burn all jump cues
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I never have seen that happen before. Diamond table too. Weird stuff. Johnnyt


Cue ball draw with this?
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Pretty Cool

I have seen this happen once while playing in the early 80's. I think it was on a Valley or Cougar bar box. Everyone was a little shocked. We put the ball back in the table from what I recall.


Ret Professional Goof Off
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Have seen it a few times on the BBs. It can happen when the ball is shot too hard and the returns are in line, most tables now have the returns offset for the side pockets.

It is also very common for balls to pop back out of a pocket because the back lining of the pocket is worn or cracked to where there is no longer a downward angle directing the ball down.

In drop pockets you will also see players remove balls to keep the ball from popping out.