Getting Shape when Object Ball is in Jaws of Pocket



It's so easy to stuff up position when you have the object ball right in the jaws of the pocket. In Tactical eightball matches where you cover pockets, this happens frequently

any tips?

I find i draw 70% on these shots and to ensure i draw at the right angle, i pretend i'm actually pocketing the ball in a imaginary point off the table


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Bert Kinister has 2 or 3 GREAT Videos on getting position from the HANGERS... The Draw, the Rail first, Inside & Outside English & so on.... having the knowledge is worth the price of the Videos


You just reminded me I ordered a Bert tape about a month ago and I still haven't gotten it. How long do they usually take to arrive?

I thought he had one tape on jawed balls. Can you advise the names of the tapes you refer to? Do you own them?

= Tom


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Tom Brooklyn... the names of the tapes are "#30 It's a Hanger" & #31 Side Pocket Winners". The answer is YES... I own them & a whole lot more too.