How Red is Hollywood Red ???


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Just thought everyone should get up close and in person to see how red it really is....
note the red fingers, too.... [they belong to Stevie Moore....]


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Red Chalk

Look at those Red dots where people have hit the ball.:wink:

Is that the color of the rails also? :shrug:
Photo looks a little washed out.


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The stuff is filthy.

I'm going to suggest they switch to tan chalk. I'll get a couple of pieces and see if it leaves marks. I'm confident it will be fine on those tables.

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Mike in MN

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So, they really don't allow outside chalk? I couldn't use my Blue Diamond or Blue Master chalk there?

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I was going to cover a table with a camoflage pattern once. I went to the store and bought two rolls of the stuff, put it in my closet, and now I can't find it. :wink:

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It looks to me like something between magenta and lavender but I'm somewhat color-blind anyway :D

Yeah, having my cue develop a color similar to this would aggravate the bleep-double-blank-censored out of me!!!!!

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Over the last few days, I have been convinced to NEVER get red cloth on my home table. UGH!