I can’t see fraction hits (1/2ball, 1/4 ball etc.) how’d ya’ll go about training your


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I think your image best illustrates the midpoint parallel shift aiming system. FYI, I've added your image and a link to your post on the resource page.
dr_dave- Your website is awesome.
Thanks. I aim to swerve. :)

I have a question about the image on the resource page.
The midpoint parallel shift you show has too many variables (to me) that must be addressed.
The pivot from the opposite side of the OB contact point, from Patrick Johnson, seems better.
I like PJ’s illustration also, but I think both show the same info, just in slightly different ways.

Could you please explain what aiming system you use?
I use DAM.


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Like you, I don't see fractions. Joe Tucker's Aiming by the Numbers was the answer for me. With the materials Joe provides, you can even practice the visualization away from the pool room, on your dining room table. It's a great product that really flies under the radar of the aiming system warfare.

This really helped me also.
Wish I had learned it 45 years sooner.


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Joe Tucker's numbering system is a good system to use, to get used to using the equal segments of object Ball & cue Ball for aiming. However, there are other considerations to be thought about before pulling the trigger. Sometimes there is Side Spin applied to the Cue Ball which might result in throw & or swerve... plus collision induced spin that may or may not affect the object ball. This can affect longer shots & banking...

Good Luck