IF Bonus Ball Takes Over....

ghost ball

justnum survivor
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If Bonus Ball is a hit, several things regarding pool halls/equipment MUST change. Please help in listing the changes. I'll start..

1. Pool halls will have to install new lighting systems so we know what colored ball to hit.

2. Pool will become a three person game, 2 shooters and 1 to keep track of the color.

3. Painted pockets.

4. In addition to checking out balls, uniforms too!

5. Sell their liquor license (I can't imagine keeping track of all the "rules" and "points" with a beer or three in my belly)

6. Bar tables will need to modified to allow spotting of balls.

7. ?


AzB Silver Member
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You missed the big one!

Pool will be like golf. There will be hotties hanging out as caddies. They will be the ball spotters and score keepers.


Europe - TD, TL & Ref
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a significant boost to local economy

7. Job opportunities for neighbourhood girls :wink:


AzB Silver Member
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9. One of those silly wooden nine ball racks but for bonus ball to only accommodate 8 balls.


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There would need be bonus ball lawyers available for rules interpretation and claim settlements.

Psychiatric counsel must be in standby at all times.


Kim Walker
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Back in the olden days, (before WWII)...they used to just play straight pool, and the rooms would have rackers (like the manual pin spoter people in bowling at that time) to rack the balls for you, to make sure it was a fair rack...anything is possible...(maybe a TV screen to play videos for you and keep track of all the game details like the "modern" bowling alleys do now)....

Maybe we could find Sausage and re hire him to rack............. if we had an 8 ball rack.....




AzB Silver Member
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8. Pigs will fly. :)


You asked for it.