It’s my bday 12/29


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Happy Birthday Fatboy !



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We are almost the same age, it does get tough to remember the exact number sometimes. :ROFLMAO::D


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Happy Birthday buddy! I wish you straight shooting and all the lucky rolls (today only case we ever play).


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Normally it’s just another day, I suppose it is this year as well.

Kinda funny-I feel like I won a year. I thought I was turning 57. I’m 56 today! How in the world did I get that wrong?

Anyways I’m just staying home working and wrapping up my year. Biz stuff and relaxing. Not doing anything special.

I did go out and play pool as I mentioned in my Christmas thread, haven’t been since. However I am setting up my GC so I can play at home a hour a day. I need to get back at it. I played so bad it bothers me. I’ve never been great. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose what took decades to build. So I’m back at it-different approach now. Not as action driven, at the moment. I just want to play “good” again.

I will post in my New Years thread I’ll mention my ideas for the new year.

Anyways that’s what’s up! I won a year today! Yay! At least it feels like I did.

Fatboy 😃😃
Best Wishes to you Kid Vegas!