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ghost ball

justnum survivor
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Items not found in the For Sale Forum:

1. Used pool gloves.
2. Pool lessons.
3. A bad hitting cue.
4. Inexpensive Ginacues.
5. Sugartree cue #231
6. Pocket enlargers.
7. Custom one off bridges.
8. Billiards magazine subscriptions.
9. Charlie Williams autographed cue ball.
10. ???

Anything else???

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--cheap Tads or Cogs
--billiard aprons
--passes for nights out, away from all other obligations
--Concentrated bottles of Focus.


KE = 0.5 • m • v2
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A first edition of "The Pool Players Guide To Philosophy, Art & Literature"


AzB Gold Member
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some more....

~ Unopened 3 pack of Ding B' Gone

~ Cues that don't "Hit a Ton"

~ Sheridan tooled leather holder to house your pocket chalker

~ Truly "Meaty Tips"

~ First edition of "A Pool Hustler's Guide to Becoming a Millionaire"

~ Copy of Prentice Hall, Intro to Business 101, read/studied/signed by ABP board


Don't hashtag your broke friends
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An easy to follow aiming guide

Book on "How to forum counterpoint without calling someone names"


ghost ball

justnum survivor
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Good stuff, keep em coming..

-Empty Budweiser bottle with Keith McCready's autograph
-Jeanette Lee's 1994 US Open skin tight black leather pants
-80 grit sandpaper


Mini cues
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Small spots to place on the bed cloth to show where you thought the cue ball was going to end up so we don't have to point with our cue any more.

Fake grease stains you can lay on your table cover to detour your better half from using it as a laundry table.

Little pieces of ratty pool hall carpet you can lay on your good carpet to "spin" your tip clean before putting your cue away in the case.


AzB Silver Member
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A brand new shot clock...can set for 30 sec.,45 sec or 60 sec. Loud alarm with 10 second warning. Final alarm, a recorded voice shouts "Foul."
A 5 gallon super sized jug of baby powder. Has wheels on the bottom so you can drag it to your table and a handy 4 foot hose with electric pump. Never have anything less than white hands again.
DVD instructional CD on how to twirl your pool cue as fast as an airplane propeller.
Booklet containing key phrases on how to pick up that big chested APA girl that has a face that will haunt a house.


AzB Gold Member
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few more....

~ Secret decoder ring that tells Szambotis from Strambolinis

~ That ever-elusive R-16 sharp point Schon cue

~ Real Bali-booshka without a signature for 280 bucks

~ Ice-cold Hank's water

~ Page from Willie Hoppe's memoir where he gives the exact specs/dimensions for a "true Hoppe ring"

~ One of Scott Frost's old jogging suits


Don't hashtag your broke friends
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Taper roll indicator

Murray Tucker cue brochure

A cue listed by the "SouthWest Collector circa 1997"

DVD "How to duck a punch" by Fast Larry

4th Blue Book of Cues



Mr. Entertainment
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A Meucci Originals MO-5 hoppe cue. :(

A cue that doesn't play "lights out". :rolleyes:

"Wheatbucks". :killingme: